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*Do you need to get away short term or long term, for business or personal? 

*Need someone to check in on your property and ensure everything is ok? 

*Cust​om Home Watch Services does exactly that 

*We provide professional home checks for residential clients in Edmonton and Sherwood Park 

                               *   Licensed    *    Insured    *    Bonded   

  • Did you Know?

You should have someone checking your home, while you are away. Call your insurance company and ask what your policy states. Typically in the winter months, a house check is required every 48-72 hours. In the summer months, at least once a week. This may vary as well if your water is on or off, and if you have had any claims in the past. Always get a copy for your records, as things tend to change.


House Checks

Includes an exterior and interior check of your property, All rooms as well as your fridge, freezer, hot water tank and furnace are monitored.

Pet Care

Yes! we provide pet care for, cats and small animals. Birds, fish, hamsters are to name a few. Your pet will enjoy their own home, and not be stressed having to go to a kennel or another home. (No dogs)

Snow Removal/Grass Cutting

The most important thing is making your home looked lived in, while away. Maintaining snow removal or grass cutting for your lawn is a must. Monthly or short term contracts are available. 


                  Special Deliveries                                   Plant Watering                                    Starting your vehicle 

Tip : Vacation Safety 

Keep a low profile on social media, Let neighbors know you will be gone, Lock the garage door,

 Leave a car parked in the driveway, sign up for text delivery alerts

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