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* Have you moved ?

* Has a family member or friend passed away?

* Are you a broker, lawyer or estate planner? 

 Compassion,privacy and details are what we are about  


* Going away for a short or long term getaway?

* Going away on business ( your work may cover your expenses)

* Are you a snowbird?

* Leaving on Military deployment?


Its important to shut off your water if your away long term. Once a month we will turn the water on and flush all the toilets, taps and sinks, so your seals don't dry.


We need your Services, what do I do now?

Excellent! (Click on Contact Us below)

* Call or email us with any additional questions you may have. 

* We will schedule a in person meeting, in your home. 

* The most important thing is you are comfortable with us.

* A contract will be provided 

* Book an appointment, so you can give us a tour of  your         property, and  we can learn what your needs are. 

      Tip: Have a list of questions handy, so you don't forget to ask.

What will you need from me?

When we meet in person , we will need a copy of your home insurance information, including your policy number and who to contact for emergency purposes. Any history on your home that is important to know. 

* Alarm Settings if you have one

* Any Pet care or Plant watering?

* Mail needs or special deliveries 

* Snow shoveling or lawn care 

* Do you have any timer lights

* How many times would you like us to check your home

 (remember to check with your insurance company and get a copy)

Tip: If you have a spouse, its nice to meet you both at the meeting

"Getting away made easy!"

Book your appointment now!

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